Welcome to White Stick Bloke. A site about the experiences and adventures of Glen, who has low vision and uses a white cane. The blog contains regular posts about experiences relating to being vision impaired. Feel free to post comments and connect on social media. Hope you enjoy the blog.


Daily Insults

On a tram recently, (it was peak hour) I stepped inside the door and I hear a voice ‘move out of the doorway ya geez a!’, I just ignored him. The tram was crowded, there was not really anywhere to go, but his anger continued ‘GET OUT OF THE WAY!’. I stepped back and bumped …

Grace, Dignity and Efficiency – The Three Goals for Mobility

An Orientation and Mobility instructor – a person who provides assistance to people who are blind or vision impaired to travel independently, once said to me that a person with a vision impairment has the right to travel with grace, dignity and efficiency. My daily commute to work starts out like this but is usually …