What’s All This White Stick Bloke Stuff?

My name is Glen – I live in Melbourne, Australia and I’m starting this blog to write about the daily adventures of a person with low vision who uses a white cane.

It is about stereotypes, experiences, attitudes and just general life experiences.

So a bit about me. I have Nystagmus which causes my eyes to move in different directions. My vision condition is called Coloboma. To save you Googling that, I’ve done it for you:

“A coloboma (from the Greek koloboma, meaning defect) is a hole in one of the structures of the eye, such as the iris, retina, choroid, or optic disc.”

I also have a mild palsy in my face – which gets some odd looks from other people – and just odd reactions in general.

So I’m not an overly attractive bloke, certainly wouldn’t have much success with a profile photo on Tinder (though it’s tempting to try it just for fun!).

Some days I swear I could be a stand up comedian. Not because I think I’m funny – I’m not! But the material just walks right up to you sometimes.

Hope you enjoy my blog.


2 Replies to “What’s All This White Stick Bloke Stuff?”

  1. Good on you Glen for doing your blog!
    I also am vision impaired and use a white cane, and you are right. Some of the situations you find yourself in can be quite funny. I realise this is not a deliberate attempt to be funny, but often if you don’t laugh you cry!!!
    It took me a long time to accept using the cane I felt quite self conscious but now it is my best friend.

    1. Thanks Ros! Yes it takes some time to adjust to using a cane. They can be great and also can cause issues sometimes. Thanks for your comment!

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