Daily Insults

On a tram recently, (it was peak hour) I stepped inside the door and I hear a voice ‘move out of the doorway ya geez a!’, I just ignored him. The tram was crowded, there was not really anywhere to go, but his anger continued ‘GET OUT OF THE WAY!’. I stepped back and bumped into a woman, who I apologised to and she was very understanding – but this seemed to make this guy angrier – ‘GET OUT OF THE WAY YA RETARD!’ He yells as he shoves past and sits down. It’s actually the third time in the last month or so that I’ve heard this same type of insult, a student on a tram called me a ‘retard’ when I bumped into his shoulder and apologised. I also hear it third hand, like girls on a bus pointing at you and stating ‘he looks retarded’. Yep ok, got it.

It just seems to be an that people have no tolerance of difference and the daily insults are, in many ways, quite tiring.

I have had 3 experiences recently where kids have asked about my appearance and mothers have had similar responses. Once on a train back from Ballarat, a woman exactly as to her kids ‘keep away from him, keep well away!’. Really? It isn’t a disease.

Getting off a no. 6 tram and a small child asks its mum about my eyes, she exclaims ‘there’s something wrong with him!’ And I have even had a mum and her child get off a tram when I sat near them.

And one more for this post, when I went to walk down a lane near home, a car turns into the lane and the woman driving the car sees the cane and exaclaims ‘OH GREAT!’ – yeah it’s such an inconvenience for you to … um … errr… oh wait it doesn’t affect you in any way right?

The unwanted daily insults are an indication that, in 2018 we haven’t really progressed much as a society really.

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